uvex phynomic silv-air

The new self-sanitising glove

Developed as another counter measure in the fight against the spread of bacteria, viruses and pathogens transmitted via touch, the uvex phynomic silv-air gloves are treated with HEIQ VIROBLOCK a highly effective antiviral technology.

The innovative, Swiss textile technology combines specially engineered antimicrobial silver and vesicle technology which inhibits the growth and persistence of microbes destroying them within minutes. The result: transmission is reduced and contact infections minimised.

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HeiQ Viroblock combines two technologies:

  • HeiQ’s patented and registered silver technology – well known for its antibacterial properties
  • HeiQ’s patent pending vesicle technology - acts like a booster that mechanically destroys the outer membrane of a microorganism

The silver technology emits silver-ions to kill bacteria on the fabric's surface. Like a magnet, the positively charged silver attracts the negatively charged bacteria, viruses and pathogens and attacks it with the silver-ions. A membrane acts like a shield, protecting the microorganism from the silver-ions. The vesicle technology (a cosmetic grade Liposome) targets the membrane enabling the silver-ions to work rapidly and efficiently at attacking the core.

• Textile surfaces provide the perfect hosting ground for bacteria, viruses and pathogens
• These can be easily retransmitted when contact is made with other surfaces

• HeiQ Viroblock inhibits the growth and persistence of microbes on textile surfaces upon contact
• By keeping the glove free of such microorganisms, this unique technology helps break the chain of transmission onto other surfaces

Backed by science

We know that transmission occurs through close contact with others either by respiratory droplets or through touch. Those infected may sneeze, cough on, or touch surfaces, or objects, e.g. tables, doorknobs, handrails, self-service checkouts which other people then come into contact with. By touching these contaminated surfaces and then touching their eyes, nose or mouth without having cleaned their hands first, they too increase the risk of becoming infected.

The graph below demonstrates the strong antimicrobial efficiency of the uvex phynomic silv-air compared to a standard textile glove. The unique combination of the HeiQ Viroblock silver-chloride and vesicle technology destroys 96% of microorganisms which lodge on the glove within 2 minutes and 99.9% within 5 minutes.

In addition to the proven antimicrobial efficiency studies undertaken by HeiQ Materials AG, the uvex phynomic silv-air has also been confirmed at independent test institutes in accordance with ISO 18184:2019-06 (antiviral) and ISO 20743:2016 (antibacterial).

Where can it be used?

Ideal for areas where materials/products may be touched by more than one person:

Self-sanitising glove for use in retail
uvex phynomic silv-air is ideal for shopping
uvex phynomic silv-air is ideal for public transport

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HEIQ and HEIQ V-BLOCK are trademark(s) or registered trademark(s) and properties of HeiQ Materials AG.

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