A goggle that has often been competed against but never beaten

The uvex ultrasonic heralded a new era in the safety goggle market. Packed full of pioneering technology, the uvex ultrasonic set the benchmark for the next generation of high performing safety goggles, a benchmark still in a class of one.

Above and beyond the primary objective of protection, the uvex ultrasonic goggle redefines the question of WEARABILITY, the unmatched differentiation between uvex technology and other brands. The combination of its profile, panoramic lens, stability, eye catching stylish good looks and hygienic, easy to clean TPE frame, the uvex ultrasonic delivers a wearing experience unattainable by any other brand.

This innovative product was the first to simultaneously combine soft and hard components to deliver the most comfortable goggle ever produced. The injection moulded TPE material, often used for its softness, flexibility and compressive / tear resilience as well as its abrasion and solvent resistance is combined with harder protective components to deliver a dependable, medium energy impact eye shield that is not only able to withstand objects moving at 260mph but is also a barrier to liquid droplets, splashes and large dust particles.

The uvex ultrasonic is packed full of pioneering technology

Supple, non-allergenic TPE naturally moulds itself to individual face shapes ensuring an optimum seal for all wearers and negates the need to over tighten the strap. The combination of a wide head strap together with the soft seal delivers a pressure-free fit and superior wearer comfort, something that is especially noticeable around the nose area and when worn for an entire 8-hour shift. The uvex ultrasonic goggle is designed to enhance compatibility with other PPE with no reduction in comfort levels. uvex’s proven lens coating technology together with the concealed ventilation is designed to reduce moisture build up and aid airflow for a pleasant, non-drying wearing experience.

With over 90 years of experience in eyewear manufacture, uvex has developed a unique capability through superior lens coating technology, a process that allows us to deliver measurable advantages over other brands. uvex hydrophilic anti-fog coatings which are applied to the inside of the lens are ‘permanent’ and will not deteriorate even after lenses have been repeatedly cleaned, significantly extending product life. uvex’s unique coating process prevents fogging by absorbing moisture then displacing it to the periphery of the lens, from where it evaporates. The scratch-resistant coating applied to the outside of the lens protects against abrasive airborne particulates and maximises product life. The coating system incorporates nanotechnology which considerably increases the non-stick properties of the lens making the cleaning of watery and greasy dirt easy to remove.

All uvex safety eyewear lenses are certified to optical class 1 but, uvex goes beyond this to deliver edge to edge crystal clear vision with no dilution of clarity at the periphery.

The effects of UV on the skin are well known however, the cumulative effect of UV on our eyes is less well recognised. As little as 7% of the population associate UV radiation with eye diseases yet the eye is the most susceptible organ to damage caused by sunlight. The name uvex is derived from ultraviolet exclusion, marking our leading position in recognising the damage of UV exposure and technology which protects against it. uvex is the only safety eyewear manufacturer able to offer UV protection up to 400nm across its entire range covering UVB and UVA rays.

Polycarbonate lenses filter UV ensuring that most safety eyewear meets the EN166/EN170 standard which specifies UV protection up to 380 nm, however, the WHO (World Health Organisation) and latest scientific studies state that this level of protection is insufficient and recommend the higher 400nm protection level.

The launch of the uvex ultrasonic marked a new era in safety eyewear through the combination of innovative materials and state of the art manufacturing processes to produce a product that delivers unparalleled performance in protection, fit, comfort and style.

About uvex group

The uvex group brings together three globally active companies under one roof: the uvex safety group, the uvex sports group (with uvex sports and Alpina Sports), and Filtral. The uvex group is represented in 22 countries by 48 subsidiaries but chooses to do most of its manufacturing in Germany and Europe. Two thirds of the company’s 2.600-strong workforce (as at FY 2016/2017) is employed in Germany. uvex is a global partner to international elite sport and equips a host of top athletes. The motto protecting people is at the heart of the company’s activities. uvex group develops, manufactures and distributes products and services for the safety and protection of people at work, in sport and for leisure pursuits.

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