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Earplugs from uvex have won several prizes and awards, including the following:

BSIF Safety Award 2013 for uvex xact-fit

The British Safety Industry Federation awarded the Safety Award 2013 to the uvex xact-fit earplugs. In this way, the UK trade body, whose members include manufacturers, distributors, testing institutes and safety professionals, highlighted not just the importance of hearing protection in the workplace, but also the innovative features of the uvex xact-fit.

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BSIF Safety Award 2013 for uvex xact-fit

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The novel design of the uvex xact-fit is based on the anatomy of the ear canal, mimicking the natural oval shape. This noticeably reduces pressure inside the ear – even when worn for extended periods - as well as allowing fast, easy and accurate insertion. The design is visible from a distance, making it easier to monitor usage in accordance with your company’s regulations.

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