uvex pheos helmet series

The uvex pheos helmet series offers maximum safety and wearer comfort. If you are looking for a hard hat, an alpine helmet, a construction helmet with visor or a protective helmet – uvex pheos helmets offer premium protection for many different requirements.

The innovative head protection solution of the uvex pheos hard hat series is compatible with other uvex personal protective equipment. Eye protection, neck protectors, visors, ear protection or lamps can be integrated to adapt to your specific safety needs.

The uvex pheos hard hats use a six-point textile band attachment and suspension harness with wheel ratchet for a variable width adjustment.

uvex pheos alpineuvex pheos and E-S-WR
Certified as alpine protection helmet in accordance to EN 12492Certified for electrical work in accordance to EN 50365 (1000 V AC)

The uvex pheos helmet series always fulfils the highest safety standards. All hard hats fulfil the EN 397 safety norm and additional requirements for very low temperatures (-30 °C), as well as molten metal splash (MM).

uvex pheos alpine safety helmet

uvex pheos alpine helmet

Head protection doesn't get much more versatile than this. The uvex pheos alpine multifunctional helmet combines the features of an industrial protection helmet with the requirements for a climbing helmet, with chin straps for use in accordance with EN 12492 and EN 397.

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uvex pheos alpine features:

✔ Multifunctional helmet for working at heights and rescue operations
✔ Side Euroslot adapters (30 mm) for attaching earmuffs or the uvex pheos visor system
✔ Options for attaching head torches, goggles and face protection
✔ Meets standard EN 397 and additional requirement for very low ­temperatures (-30 °C)
✔ Firmly riveted four-point chin strap for use in accordance with EN 12492
✔ Chin strap included for use in accordance with EN 397
✔ Light ABS helmet shell offers high level of protection and durability
✔ Six-point textile band attachment ensures secure fit and excellent comfort
✔ Suspension harness with wheel ratchet for variable width adjustment
✔ Shorter brim for a wider field of upward vision
✔ Available in: white, yellow, orange, red, green, blue, black

How to clean and store your uvex head protection

How to clean and store head protection

Ensuring your head protection is worn and cared for correctly is key to remaining safe. It's therefore essential to look after your protective equipment and check your head protection is still suitable to perform, should the worst happen.

uvex pheos modular system - Adapts perfectly to your requirements

Whether to protect against splinters or sparks, when working with noisy machinery or at height, the uvex pheos modular system can be quickly and easily adapted to your workplace environment. Interchangeable components fit perfectly into the ergonomic structure.

Perfect resting position

uvex pheos resting position

The visor can be locked above the helmet shell when not required, while the hearing protection can be folded back. Everything fits closely to the helmet and is perfectly balanced - ensuring maximum comfort and freedom of movement. There is no unnecessary weight to strain the muscles on the neck.

Comfortable to wear in every position

uvex pheos joint system

The joint system is designed to improve the helmets ergonomics and evenly distributes the weight of all attachments across the body's centre of gravity - ensuring it can be worn without causing fatigue.

One-click visor attachment system

uvex pheos magnetic lock system

The unique magnetic lock system means parts click together easily - the helmet does not need to be removed when attaching or changing the visor.

Excellent vision

uvex pheos excellent vision

The anti-fog, scratch resistant, high-quality polycarbonate visor complies with the specifications of the top optical grade and is available as a clear or tinted shade option.

Reliable face protection

uvex pheos seamless design

The visor fits the helmet seamlessly, leaving no gaps: the injection moulded, transparent peak provides optimum protection in preventing particles penetrating the inside of the visor.

Extra-soft earmuffs

Extra-soft earmuffs

Extra soft memory foam ear cushions ensure ultimate wearer comfort – the uvex pheos K2H can be fitted quickly and easily using the magnetic locking system when required.

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uvex pheos alpine safety helmetwork protection and climbing helmet; continuous width adjustment; short peak; -30 °Cuvex pheos alpine safety helmet
uvex pheos B-S-WR safety helmetcontinuous width adjustment; short peak; -30 °C, MMuvex pheos B-S-WR safety helmet
uvex pheos E-S-WR safety helmetideal for electrical work; stepless width adjustment; short brim; -30 °C, MMuvex pheos E-S-WR safety helmet
uvex pheos ABS B-S-WRInfinite width adjustment; short brim, high lateral rigidityuvex pheos ABS B-S-WR

uvex visor system at a glance

uvex visor system compatibility

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How to look after head protection

How to clean and store your uvex head protection
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