PPE for smaller dimensions

uvex understands that everyone is an individual and when it comes to personal protective equipment (PPE) one size does not fit all. It may seem obvious, but correctly sized PPE can help avoid accidents, reduce discomfort and increase productivity. If employees find their PPE uncomfortable chances are they won't wear it. uvex has the solution with a range of products designed to fit those with smaller dimensions so everyone gets the protection they deserve.

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We are committed to the design and production of product solutions that can be tailored to individual requirements delivering absolute consistency of protection performance levels. The below range of products have been specifically selected for those that find sizing of standard PPE problematic.

PPE designed specifically with female dimensions in mind

Safety glasses for smaller faces

If your protective eyewear doesn't fit properly this can lead to discomfort, eye strain and may even increase your risk of injury. Our range of safety eyewear includes spectacle and goggle designs specifically for those with smaller faces. We offer a range of lens shades and coatings for a variety of workplace environments and light conditions. All uvex lens options will provide maximum UV protection.

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uvex pheos s is 8mm narrower than standard

uvex pheos s - ideal for smaller faces

The uvex pheos range has something for everyone and is available in three sizes. The uvex pheos s is 8mm narrower than the standard uvex pheos making it ideal for smaller faces. The uvex pheos s features:

  • uvex permanent lens coating technology: anti-fog inside the lens, scratch-resistant on the outside
  • frameless design with integral brow guard - additional eye coverage for increased protection
  • soft, non-slip side arms prevent pressure points
  • wide field of vision and enhanced ventilation for an improved eye climate and reduced risk of fogging
  • narrow side arm geometry enables ear defenders, helmets or bump caps to be worn comfortably
uvex pheos s spectaclesanti-fog interior; narrow version, sunglare filter; large field of vision; PC silver...uvex pheos s spectacles
uvex i-5 safety spectaclesmaximum adaptability; anti-fog on the inside, extremely resistant to chemicals and...uvex i-5 safety spectacles
uvex sportstyle spectaclesscratch-resistant exterior, anti-fog interior; only 23 g; PC clear lens; black/petrol...uvex sportstyle spectacles
uvex u-sonic gogglesanti-fog interior, scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant exterior; sunglare filter;...uvex u-sonic goggles

Safety footwear designed for the female foot

uvex recognises the relationship between functional ergonomics and sensory aesthetics. The best designs are those that combine these disciplines, providing practical solutions in styles that excite the wearer.

The uvex 1 range of safety footwear does exactly this, with our female models manufactured specifically for the shape of the female foot. Women have a lighter bone weight, with softer and more flexible joints. These physiological differences translate to differences in footwear design, particularly with safety shoes.

uvex 1 safety footwear has been designed specifically to combat fatigue and offer long-term comfort to the wearer. A lower weight reduces the strain on the body and also reduces risk of injury.

uvex female last for safety footwear
uvex 1 ladies S2 SRC shoeS2 SRC; ESD; microvelour; metal-free toe cap; non-slip outsole, oil and petrol resistant,...uvex 1 ladies S2 SRC shoe
uvex 1 S2 SRC shoeS2 SRC; ESD; microvelour; metal-free toe cap; non-slip outsole, oil and petrol resistant,...uvex 1 S2 SRC shoe
uvex 1 S1 SRC perforated lace-up bootS1 SRC; ESD; microvelour; metal-free toe cap; non-slip outsole, oil and petrol resistantuvex 1 S1 SRC perforated lace-up boot
uvex 1 S3 SRC Lace-up boot S3 SRC; leather; light, metal-free toe cap; anti-slip outsole; penetration-resistant...uvex 1 S3 SRC Lace-up boot

Safety gloves that fit like a second skin

While it is important to chose the correct safety gloves for the job and environment, it is equally important to ensure your safety gloves fit properly. A correct fit means the gloves will be comfortable to wear and workers are more likely to keep them on. If gloves are too big they can affect grip or get caught in moving parts or tools.

uvex phynomic
The uvex phynomic range of safety gloves are dermatologically approved with high levels of comfort and dexterity. Designed to give a second-skin fit, the uvex phynomic's flexible construction reduces fatigue and provides high levels of dexterity. The revolutionary thin but robust aqua-polymer coatings guarantee grip and durability across a range of applications. Available in sizes 5 to 12.

uvex unidur 6659 foam
This seamless and flexible glove has a HPPE and glass fibre liner with cut level 5 protection. The durable NBR coating makes it ideal for multi-task handling in dry applications. Available in sizes 6 to 11.

uvex u-chem 3200 offers a secure grip for handling oil, cooling lubricants and chemicals. The new design stretches and moves easily with the hand giving high levels of dexterity. Available in sizes 7 to 12.

uvex hand sizing chart

Find your perfect fit with our glove size chart

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uvex gloves are suitable for smaller hands
uvex phynomic lite safety gloveEN 388 (2 1 2 1 X); exceptionally light and flexible; food-safeuvex phynomic lite safety glove
uvex phynomic allround safety gloveEN 388:2016 (3 1 2 1 X); suitable for use in a range of fields; dirt-resistantuvex phynomic allround safety glove
uvex unidur 6659 foam cut protection gloveEN 388:2016 (4 X 4 4 C); reliable cut protection with HPPE/fibreglass combinationuvex unidur 6659 foam cut protection glove
uvex u-chem 3200 chemical protection gloveEN 388:2016 (3 1 3 1 X); EN ISO 374-1:2016/Type A (J K L M O T); new designuvex u-chem 3200 chemical protection glove

Comfortable hearing protection that works

It is essential to have effective acoustic insulation to protect your hearing in noisy environments. With the right protection, harmful or irritating noise can be isolated, while important alarm signals are still audible and speech perception is not adversely affected. However, ear canals vary greatly in size and shape making it essential to find one that fits your individual ear. For this reason, uvex offers a number of forms of hearing protection, appropriate for all sizes of ear canals so you can be sure to find the most suitable one for both your environment and your ear size.

uvex xact-fit
These innovative earplugs adapt perfectly to the human ear with a novel design based on the anatomy of the ear canal. This noticably reduces pressure inside the ear, making them extremely comfortable to wear even for long periods. Shaped left and right arms allow quick, easy and hygenic insertion.

uvex hi-com
Integrated cavities in the design of the uvex hi-com earplugs provide softer acoustics and absorb disruptive noises. They also allow excellent speech perception to allow communication while at the same time protecting your hearing.

uvex com4-fit
With its compact, ergonomic tapered design, the uvex com4-fit is comfortable for wearers with narrower ear canals. The uvex com4-fit has a sealed surface, preventing foreign bodies from penetrating the plug. The soft foam provides a high level of comfort, even when worn for extended periods.

uvex earplugs are suitable for smaller ear canals
uvex xact-fit disposable earplugs26 dB; additional requirement W; size: M; with reusable pinuvex xact-fit disposable earplugs
uvex xact-fit reusable earplugs26 dB; available in sizes S and M/L; with corduvex xact-fit reusable earplugs
uvex hi-com disposable earplugs24 dB – with excellent speech perception; additional requirement W; size: M; without corduvex hi-com disposable earplugs
uvex com4-fit disposable earplugs33 dB; additional requirements S, V, W, E; size: S; without corduvex com4-fit disposable earplugs

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