Safety helmets and bump caps

We offer unique head protection solutions - from industrial safety helmets designed with a wide variety of slots for accessories to the sporty bump cap with shock-absorbing technology.

​In addition to fulfilling the required safety standards, premium details and tightly-nested accessories that work as a system enhance wearer comfort, versatility and compatibility with other PPE - helping to maximise compliance and value for money.

Safety helmets – additional information

At uvex, we take particular care to ensure that our products can be enhanced with suitable accessories and that they have a high degree of wearer comfort to increase wearer acceptance.

Safety helmet technologies

Our safety helmets and bump caps perfectly combine three important objectives: wearer comfort, relief and protection. You can find out how we use pioneering technology to achieve this here.

uvex pheos helmet system

The uvex pheos helmet series offers maximum safety regardless if you are looking for a hard hat, an alpine helmet, a construction helmet with visor or a protective helmet.

uvex pheos planet safety helmet

The lightweight uvex pheos planet safety helmet is part of the uvex “protecting planet” range of sustainable products.