Eye protection for winter conditions

When it comes to PPE for winter, eye protection tends to get forgotten about, however, protective eyewear that is suitable for the variable weather conditions is essential. Safety eyewear that can perform in cold temperatures, aid visibility in low light conditions, as well as protect against bright light and glare, can significantly reduce the risk of injury. Adequate anti-fog protection is particularly important when moving from indoors to outdoors, while the combination of snow and sun poses significant health risks for your eyes too, making appropriate tinting imperative.

Choose the right lens coating
Opt for tinted lenses
Keep your lenses clean

Top tip

Don't put your safety specs on immediately after taking them out of your car or van if they've been there overnight as the cold temperatures will mean they'll fog up as soon as you put them on. Instead, rest them on top of your head for a while and your body heat will warm the lenses up gently, making fogging much less likely when you put them on.

Choose the right lens coating - not all anti-fog coatings are created equal

Adequate anti-fog protection is particularly important in the colder winter months. As the temperatures drop, the difference between the cold air outside and the warmth of your face can cause condensation to build up on the lens. Fogged lenses not only cause frustration thanks to blurred vision but can leave employees exposed to hazards if they decided to remove them all together.

Choose the right lens coating

Unrivalled Protection

Chemically engineered not to wash off, uvex’s anti-fog coatings are fundamentally different from others. All uvex anti-fog coatings are hydrophilic and draw moisture into the coating, absorbing it - eliminating fog quickly and efficiently.

uvex’s exclusive flow-coating application technology also provides an anti-fog coating that is consistent, clear and permanently bonded to the lens.

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Unrivaled anti-fog coating on both sides of the lens

Lenses coated with uvex supravision plus have long lasting anti-fog properties on both sides (at least 30 seconds, norm requires 8 seconds), scratch-resistant and anti-static. The anti-fog coating is permanent, even after being cleaned several times.

Choose Tinted Lenses

Besides the cold, solar radiation is one of the biggest dangers in winter. Most people tend to underestimate the power of the sun during the winter months but UV radiation can damage the eyes when working outdoors. As soon as the sun hits ice and snow, glistening bright light is created and without adequate protection, work becomes practically impossible, making appropriate tinting essential. Overexposure to glare can cause snowblindness, a corneal injury that leads to redness, swelling, or a dry, scratchy feeling in the eyes. Likewise, prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can lead to macular degeneration as well as other temporary or permanent vision problems.

While all uvex safety eyewear has UV absorption incorporated in the lens which filters 100% of UV rays up to 400nm, tinted lenses also reduce brightness and enhance contrast. Safety spectacles with amber tinted lenses enhance vision in low-light conditions and improve contrast and depth perception. Lenses coated with uvex supravision variomatic are self-tinting filters, which automatically become darker when exposed to UV (within 10 seconds) and become lighter when exposure is reduced (after 30 seconds). Particularly suitable for workplaces where you frequently move between indoor and outdoor environments, from light to dark.

Don't forget to keep your lenses clean - uvex cleaning accessories

Our practical cleaning station can be attached with a wall bracket wherever is convenient, enabling you and your staff to access it quickly. The lens cleaning fluid and cleaning tissues are suitable for all uvex safety eyewear. Remember, only use uvex cleaning products to clean the lenses on uvex eyewear. This is essential to preserve the performance of the uvex lens coatings.

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